A tribute from Oliver
Brother to Alex

Words are never enough to show the full meaning of infinite love we have for Alexandra (who was our bundle of joy, always full of fun and laughter). She is imprinted in our minds our hearts and in our souls. Not a single second will pass for the rest of our lives where we do not think of Alexandra Jessica Lines.

Alexandra had a gentle and caring nature and always helped others never putting her own interests first. All her life she has been a giving and loving person, as I feel many of you will know.

I am the proudest brother in the universe to have had Alexandra as my sister. She was amazing.


A tribute from Jimmy Hooper
much loved friend unable to attend as touring the world

I have watched Alex grow from a bashful girl to a beautiful young women - as I have been friends with her Brother Olly for many years. Alex had a smile that would light up her face. Alex has always been hardworking (much more than her brother!) she excelled in everything she put her mind to from her music to her passion for motorcycles. I have never known anything that Alex has wanted to do to never be finished.

I know how much she loved her friends, work & play but the one thing that I will always remember her for is her love for her family. Jenny & John had brought both Olly & Alex to enjoy life and explore the world! I remember the stories of their times in Goa & more recently Australia, where Olly was living at the time. Alex came round the minute she got home to show us all the photos of their times and will never forget her telling me "I am so proud of Olly and I love him so much!"

"I am the proudest brother in the universe to have had Alexandra as my sister. She was amazing."








"Alex never complained of her illness or showed us how much she was suffering, instead she smiled. Alex was so brave and loving and touched anyone whom she met."
Jimmy Hooper